Dark Angels, Savage Worlds

Barretus L. Calibrinius: Scout Diaries

Freaking Humans
Finally…all the training will be put to use. We just got our assignments as scouts. I know it’s not a full-blown marine yet…but after a few decades of this…real life action…we’ll get there. I can’t wait to kill some shit.
Some pretty messed up stuff’s been happening to the ships that have been traveling through the Warp, evidently…something about the machine spirits…I don’t know…don’t care to know. Vrendarius seemed pretty upset when A told him…stupid human imperials think they can keep secrets from us..HA! You should have seen the looks on their faces when we flanked Vren through their bridge on the way to ream their captain! It was PRICELESS! FOR THE EMPIRE!!
We came upon a scientific research vessel after coming out of the warp…evidently whatever influence it’s had on the ships rapidly speeds them up..not that I’m complaining…the sooner I get out of this imperial stench and into combat, the better.
Man, this is strange. I know we’ve been training for years…and I’m glad I got to blow the heads off of some corrupted imperials…pompus assholes…but still. That wasn’t normal. Never heard of people going bat shit and growing a mouthful of fangs! I’m ashamed to say I got a little rattled when three of the fuckers jumped me at one time…it was the last thing that they did, however, before I exploded their heads. Vren was happy with the job we did…and the rest of the Marines were stupid envious that we got to see some action…I’ve got a feeling that they’ll all get their turn.
I know we’re Marines…and the Empire only recruits the best of the best for what we do…but I’m actually proud to be a member of this squad. The team works well together, and if we’re able to hook back up after the Librarian and Machine Boy (A) go get their additional training, we’ll be unstoppable! I still get a kick out of the look on the imperial’s faces after watching Librarian and I doing some target practice in the gun range…guess they’ve never seen Psionics before. If they have, they did a damn good job of acting like they hadn’t.


I think part of poor Barretus’ mind never matured after he was chosen at age 13…he’s one heck of a good shot though.


I really like these entries, seems very authentic for a foot soldier in the empire’s army

Odesh Odesh

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