Dark Angels, Savage Worlds

Andronus Scout Diary Pt 1

Day One

Training with Vren has been tough, but it is all about to pay off, I hope. I have been in this tower for so many years now that I have forgotten what it is like to be anything other than a Marine in the service of the Emperor. That is all for the best, though. There is nothing better in this life than to serve the Emperor, and through him, the Empire.

My fellow trainees and I have just gotten the word that we are to ship out soon. We will be joining the ranks of Dark Angels as Scouts. I look forward to beginning my real service and can only hope that it will lead me to my goal: training on Mars for 3 decades so that I might better understand the machines and machine spirits that have helped make this Empire so great.

Day Two

Turns out that we will be leaving the tower in the company of a bunch of human imperials. Seems that they have a fast transport to the science research planet that we are bound for. I had forgotten how tiny humans are! It is hard to believe that I was ever so small. Their forks are irritatingly small . . . something that I must bring to the attention of the Captain of this ship.

Vern has asked me to check out the warp drives in the engine room. Can you believe it? Some puny human tried to tell me that I could not do so. As if he could stop me. I examined the engines and I was astonished at what I found! The spirits have been altered in a way that I do not recognize. I informed Vren and he arranged a meeting between my squad and the human captain of this ship. After a little convincing, he decided to tell us that the engines had been altered to make a trip through the warp faster than normal. As recompense for his lack of forthcoming I demanded a Marine-sized fork. Lucky for him that he complied.

On a more serious tone, I am concerned about these engine alternations. The warp is nothing to be trifled with. I hope for a safe trip through the warp so that I may emerge a Scout in the Emperor’s service.

Day 3

This trip is quite boring. Some of the other Marines are entertaining themselves by impressing the puny humans with their martial skills. I am checking on the engines when I can, just to be on the safe side. Besides, I do find that myself intrigued by the possible implications of the change to the engine spirits.

Day 4

We have emerged from the warp unscathed. However, there are reports of an abandoned and listing science ship nearby. Vren has selected myself, Doubletap, Cauckious and Justice to investigate. I take the presumption of finding his choice a wise one. As a group, the four of us complement each other well with our different skills and ability. I admit that I find myself hoping for a bit of action.

Day 5

Apparently the gods and the Emperor were listening; we encountered quite a fight aboard the science vessel! It seems the crew had been infected and changed by the warp. They were feral and had sprouted long claws. They also had extra rows of razor sharp teeth in their mouth and attacked with no provocation. Unfortunately they proved no challenged to us and were dispatched with ease. The only hitch were the few holes I punched in the hull with my bolt pistol; luckily I was able to fix the breach with no sweat: these human ships are so frail.

We encountered the Captain of the ship in the engine room. He too was altered and was stronger than the rest of the crew. Still, he proved no match for a squad of Dark Angel Marines – even just Scouts like us. I was able to stabilize the ship, bring the engines and gravity back online and bring the ship around to follow the imperial transport we had been on. As it turns out, the machine spirits having to do with the warp on this ship had also been altered in a similar way to those on the transport. I am very curious to get to our destination to find out more about how these scientists have been altering these spirits. The warp is nothing to be trifled with.


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